Specialist Mental Health Care at home

At Connect Care, we provide reliable, effective, and friendly support in the homes of those facing severe and enduring mental health challenges.

Our approach
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What our clients say

Specialist Adult Care. Our Approach at Home

Our approach

Our goal and focus is on:

  • Independence & Quality of Life: Our goal is simple - to help service users live as independently as possible while enhancing their quality of life.
  • Personalised Care Plans: We believe in collaboration. We work closely with you to create personalised care plans focusing on your strengths and skills.
  • Building Resilience: We’re all about building resilience. Through assessments and monitoring, we help service users develop the skills and resources they need to manage their care and well-being.

Conditions we support

  • Our team is experienced in supporting individuals with various mental health conditions, including personality disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, depression, mood affective disorders, self-harm behaviour, suicidal ideation, and substance misuse.
  • We’re caregivers and your partners on the journey to better mental health.
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Specialist Care for Complex Needs

At Connect Care, we recognise that some service users may have learning disabilities, autism, or exhibit challenging behaviours.

Our trained staff are here to ensure the safety of the individuals we serve and those around them.

  • Supporting Diverse Needs: We understand that everyone is unique, so we specialise in helping individuals with diverse needs, including those with learning disabilities, autism, or challenging behaviours.
  • Medication Management: We know staying on top of medication can be challenging. Yet, it’s crucial for your well-being and safety. Our staff is skilled in medication administration and monitoring.
  • Preventing Hospitalisation: Taking your medication as prescribed is vital to staying at home safely and avoiding unnecessary hospital stays or moving to a care setting. Our nursing team conducts regular checks and audits to ensure your medications are managed safely and effectively.

At Connect Care, we’re here to make your life easier and safer, no matter your challenges.

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Specialist Adult Care at Home. Our Approach to Complex Needs. Service User and her Carer.