We aim to support service users experiencing severe and enduring mental health problems to live as independently as possible in their homes.

Our approach
Home Care Companionship

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Companionship Care at Home. Our Approach

Our approach

Helping you get your independence back

  • Supporting Independence: We’re here for service users with enduring mental health challenges, aiming to foster independence in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Recovery and Quality of Life: Our primary focus is recovery and enhancing the quality of life.
  • Building Resilience: We empower service users to harness their strengths and resilience.
  • Assessments and Care Planning: Through comprehensive assessments and care planning, we enable the development of vital skills and resources.
  • Diverse Mental Health Support: Our support extends to those affected by personality disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, depression, mood affective disorders, self-harm behaviour, suicidal ideation, and substance misuse.

Our carers become part of your home, providing personal care, preparing meals, tidying up, and, most importantly, some good company!

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